Friday, March 25, 2011

Joshua Foster has been accepted to Harvard and we are moving to Venezuela!!

APRIL FOOLS!!! Just kidding, just kidding! The moving part is true though...

For those who have not heard, Joshua has decided he doesn't want to be a doctor but would rather be a Chemistry teacher and teach at a college while doing research. The way he realized it is a pretty funny story. He was walking to take a final for one of his pre-med classes last semester and this small thought slid to the front of his mind, "I don't like pre-med material or classes; what am I doing?" He tried to ignore it at first but knew it was true. After Christmas he told me all about it and to be honest, I felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me, but I was also relieved. It makes perfect sense! Josh is meant to teach because he does it ALL THE TIME and he LOVES it. And if you are wondering if he really likes chemistry, rest assured. The latest and greatest of his sleep talking includes things like "phosphoralase.”

So you might be asking what next? Josh has done an excellent job at getting his schooling worked out. He will walk in April and graduate in June. He's applied for five graduate programs and has been accepted to two out of the three that have responded. Those two are Georgia Tech in Atlanta and The University of Utah. Josh visited GA Tech last weekend and really liked the professors, research, and campus. It's also a great school for biochemistry so it's likely we'll go there. We will hopefully know by the time Josh walks for graduation where we are going to graduate school! It won't be Harvard (phew!) but it will be the right career track for Josh.


  1. I am glad and happy for you both, but you need to do something before you move! That is come see your Favorite, Best Friend, from Good Ole Soda Springs! ME!!! Call me!!!

  2. Have you thought about chemical engineering?

    Just askin' as an engineer myself. Always looking for new recruits. It's no mechanical engineering but it's alright.