Tuesday, April 12, 2011

LDS General Conference

Doesn't the world look a little brighter after General Conference? And even with the many distractions of being with family, it's still very possible to feel the Spirit and getting personal insight.
We loved Conference so much we thought we would share the highlights with you and hope you love them as much as we did.


  1. I sure loved Conference! The sad part was that we couldn't be with any family the entire weekend, but I loved sharing the weekend with my three beautiful boys! Jeremiah played so well and even quietly and Gideon did all of the Primary Packet during Conference which allowed Ammon and I to sit back, relax, take notes, and soak in the good happy feeling that comes when you feel the Holy Ghost! Thanks for sharing the highlights! It was great!

  2. Hey Christie! I just found your blog when I read Geneen's. Can I keep up with you guys? ours is sheanerin.blogspot. Congratulations on graduating and getting accepted to grad school! We're still in Virginia for another year, that'd be cool if you guys went to Georgia...it'd almost be like we were neighbors again. Good timing for me to find your blog...I just lost all my phone numbers in my cell phone the other week, (thanks to Calvin!)