Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Josh's Graduation

It was bittersweet watching Josh walk across the stage to receive his diploma. I was so proud of him! At the same time I was already mourning BYU. Our new plan feels so right and is working out better than we could have hoped, but I will always have BYU in my heart. I don't know why it's so tender to me. Probably because it was the first of many hopes and dreams to come true. In high school, I didn't think I could accomplish what I have, but I did! I owe my current happy state to that university. I, like Josh, was inspired to go to BYU so we could meet each other. There are many good things BYU encourages from its students, but I think the best one is a happy eternal marriage.
So I stood and clapped for Josh with teary eyes and said good bye to BYU, and thank you.

We had a fun weekend with lots of family! Kristen celebrated her graduation too which made it convenient and totally awesome for the visiting family.

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  1. Way to go Josh! Way to go Christie and Kenzie! I knew you would reach and accomplish your goals Christie and you and your family will do great at the new school and new state! Good luck! I sure will miss you tonz!