Thursday, March 24, 2011

Trip to Idaho!

Josh decided to visit Georgia Tech last weekend so I thought I'd visit Melanie and Chris up in Idaho instead of being alone at home. My sister Katie was more than happy to come with me, and my parents joined us the next day! It felt really good to giggle hysterically with my sisters again, it was a lot of fun. The giggles continued as Katie and I stayed with my parents in a hotel. I dropped a whole bowl of cheerios in the hall because I couldn't control my laughter at having a million things in my hand and trying to open the door at the same time... you just had to be there!
Anyway! Melanie was nice enough to do an amazing photo shoot of McKenzie, her pictures turned out really really well. They were exactly what I was hoping for!

Here are some of my favorites...

This last picture is priceless, every time Riley was in reach of Kenzie she would try to pick her up! She's already a little care taker :)
I'm excited to the pictures touched up and cropped :) They will also be found on Melanie's website:
I wish I would have taken a video of Melanie and I trying to get Kenzie's attention and make her smile, wow. Chris made us waffles using his Mom's whole kernal/blender recipe, they were amazing! There is a secret to making waffles soft and yet crispy!
I didn't realize how good the new Pizza Cafe place is in Rexburg, they had some divine dessert pizzas! It was good to go to Idaho and be in a friendly town where no one honks at you. Though it's a college town the pace seemed much slower which I needed to experience. It's been go go non stop for a few weeks so this was a nice breather.

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  1. Sounds just like you and your sisters! What fun! If you need another breather, come visit us in Soda! That will truely be a breather and slow paced! We sure miss you tons! Love ya!