Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Christie's Crafty-ness

And no, I don't mean that title as preface for an play amazing prank on my husband, at least not this time. :)
The Christmas before we had Kenzie, Josh gave me letters for her name that we could paint. They've been waiting about 14 months but they are now officially painted! Josh painted most of the solid color and I worked on the details. We all agree it's very Kenzie-esque.

The next project was my jean quilt. Mom had cut a lot of the blocks and kept track of my old childhood jeans and I pieced them together when I was about 17. Now it's finally up, tied, and ready to be bound. Mom is borrowing a quilting frame and has initiated the whole process. I'm so glad she decided to take time out of her crazy "in the process of moving" life to do this! I can't believe it's almost done! I'm so excited to use it! The backing is very appropriately soccer balls with a maroon background. I love it :)

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  1. Looks like alot of fun!!! Sure wish we lived closer so that we could share fun moments like that! Call me soon and lets catch up!