Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cloth Diapers

So this might seem a strange switch for someone who can get diapers at $0.13 each using coupons, but even getting them that cheap can't save as much money as using cloth diapers. I went to a class at the Stake Women's Conference and made this awesome diaper!

This is called a pocket diaper which means there's a hole on the inside that you stick a terry cloth in to absorb all the fluid. The fabric on the outside is a waterproof PUL and the inner fabric is microfleece.
There a quite a few people in my ward who are using them so they have been my inspiration. It'll take a lot of time to make but I think it's worth it and I think Kenzie will enjoy them more. I tried this one on her but she thought it was too tight so I'll make the bigger sizes first and then go from there.

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