Thursday, January 30, 2014

Big BIG Beds!

The kids were very excited to set up their big BIG beds, as Kenzie calls them. They helped, some, mostly dumped out the washers over and over. Grant was fascinated by all the tools and gizmos! It took a better part of a Saturday, but Joshua (with minimal help from me) put a bunk bed in their room.

McKenzie was very, very excited to have a "princess bed". She felt so grown up and trusted!

My fourth child had to climb up there too, you know, to test the strength of the bed...

Grant's favorite thing to do is to hang on Kenzie's bed at night and say DD, right back!! You can tell he is so comfortable on his new bed, he even got a pillow!!


I just found these pictures of Joshua and Grant, they were taken from a front door one year apart, almost to the day! 

December 22nd (ish)  2012

January 8th (ish)  2013

How funny is that?!?

I love how close Josh and Grant have come the past couple weeks, Grant loved having his daddy home for 3 weeks during Christmas break.


  1. It is so good to read your blog. I feel so much more on the loop. Love you guys!(This is Kristen by the way.)

  2. Thanks for sharing all the cute pictures and stories. Nice way to keep in touch and know how the family is doing. Love the pictures! Kids are getting so big

  3. Love the blog! I'll be adding it to my list:)