Monday, January 27, 2014

One More Party

My dad came rolling by in his big truck for the weekend. The children were very happy to see Grandpa! He brought them both a birthday present, he could hardly carry Kenzie's. She got a barbie car (mostly because I always wanted on when I was little). Her face was priceless! She sat in it a solid hour since it would take a day for the battery to charge. Grant pushed her too, a great way to keep them busy, no? Grant got an airport track, which keeps him very busy too!

Luckily, we hadn't celebrated Kenzie's birthday with the Foster's yet so we did on Sunday night and my dad got to be there. Grandpa Foster came too, straight from Arizona. Kenzie had a friend party and a family party, but I think we confused her since she keeps asking if she's five now.

I've decided on any warm day I can, the children and I are going for a walk. We have been inside so much since November, for very good reasons; huge pregnant, new baby, surgery. We also get easily dehydrated, so I grabbed some cups and we all went out to the spicket to get some water, then out to the wild unknown. The children armed themselves with sticks, so we were definitely safe. I enjoyed feeling the sun burn my face and seeing Grant get mud all over his hands.

These guys love being outside, we can look at the horse, chase chickens, jump on the trampoline...I'm very excited to be recovered and for warmer weather. Hold the bugs please.

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  1. Very Fun! Outside is the Best Place to be when you are a kid and when you are a kid at heart! :o) We have had a very mild winter, which is very unlike Northern Idaho, so we have enjoyed days out in the pasture or in the woods out our back door! It is the Best!!! So glad to hear that you are doing better!