Thursday, January 16, 2014

Birthdays Galore

We had a string of birthdays to parallel the holidays.

First was Aspen, born 10 days overdue. (I must be very comfortable on the inside.) Her birth was fast and easy. I love the first sight of a new baby, love the rush of love sweeping over my heart. It's so fun to adore someone I've barely met.

 I loved watching Joshua faun over her, beginning to build her confidence the moment she's born.

She is so excited, you can tell she loves her already!

Kenzie's telling everyone she has a baby sister!

Grant is thinking, "I' guess I'm not the youngest anymore..."

One happy Daddy!
Sweet little feet!

Joshua picked out her bow, he says she likes blue.

My next favorite part of bringing a new spirit into our family is watching the older children meet the baby. Grant already wants to help Aspen, his job is finding the binkie. McKenzie wanted to be her mommy right away and change her diaper for me. She is always asking to see the baby's eyes and will comfort crying Aspen from wherever she is in the house. Once, we thought she was asleep, but she cooed, "it's ok baby girl, you're alright" from her bedroom when Aspen was just whimpering. I'm very grateful the children still love the baby who takes up so much of my time and energy.


Grant turned 2. I couldn't believe it. I guess I thought he was going to be my baby Grant man forever but at the same time I feel like he should be 3, not barely 2. He has become very intense, loves to scream and run and wrestle. But his lovey dovey side is still there, just hidden most times. He's so quick to say sorry and he'll notice when I'm hurting or sad and try to mourn with me. Grant is very observant, he mimics others well, especially Kenzie. He is unusually obedient, even at his 'terrible' age.

 I love you Grant man! I love you're excitement and enthusiasm over the smallest things. You care about everyone's feelings, even the chicken's and the dog. You are growing so fast and I'm enjoying having your kind and energetic spirit in our family.


I had a good birthday; breakfast in bed, didn't have to do dishes or change diapers, and Josh made a delectable dinner and one amazing chocolate cake. (no surprise there!) Very relaxing.

I was afraid my hair would catch fire from all the candles!

Kenzie will turn 4 tomorrow. I just put her to bed, I'm not sure I wanted to do that. But at the same time, I have been treating her like a 5 year-old since she insists on bargaining with me and disciplining others; mainly her brother and stuffed animals.

So it logically makes sense that she will be 4 in a few hours, but there's still that part of me that wants her to be little, a little longer.


McKenzie's birthday party was a huge success! (especially once Grant calmed down, he thought it was his birthday, again). Kenzie had one friend over and they had a great time eating cake, doing presents and decorating wands. I think they had the most fun chasing the balloons!

Oh Kenzie, you are my cutie pie Kenzie. You are so easy to love and easy to trust, especially if we need a laugh, you will provide. Thank you for helping me so much with the baby and recovering. I will never forget when you were born, my heart leaped at the sight of you. Your happy go lucky attitude eases the daily grind. You can always brighten my day. I love you!!


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  1. Cute family! I forget to check blogs now that google reader doesn't exist!