Friday, February 7, 2014

A Very Kenzie Post

 It has been so cold! The college canceled school two days in a row, so we had daddy home all day! 

This is what happens when the spicket is on drip all night

At long last, we have finally put Kenzie's name on the wall!!   (It only took us 8 months...and big beds...and work being canceled for two days...)

 She decorated it this time with part of her birthday present, she insisted that the flowers be near the matching letters.

She was so happy and impressed with herself, "I got to decorate my name!", she said
(she wears the tutu every day)

To celebrate, we did a work out on our yoga mats (I completely faked working out). Kenzie has a candy cane in her mouth (found under the couch, still good!). She didn't want to set it down, so it stayed in her mouth while she got her workout on!

Sometime, I hope to post a video of Kenzie and Grant dancing to the Wii, but I'm not that blogger savvy... yet!

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