Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Good Sunday

Last last Sunday was good, but this last Sunday was even better! We had a nice morning, everyone was happy or at least mostly (the boy just doesn't like to change his diaper) and we made it to church 10 minutes early! That was unheard of when we didn't have any kids, let alone three! I hope tomorrow is good too!

So I decided a small photo shoot was in order while we waited for Aspen to wake up.

Kenzie has decided she can take her scriptures to Primary, I usually find the 3 or 4 bows previously in her hair, in her purse.

 What a stud!!  He is still wondering about the camera these days...

Church was wonderful as usual, I'm able to focus much more during the lessons without prego brain, it's nice to be Spiritually fed and not have to be spoon fed!

Josh, Grant, and Aspen slept all afternoon while Kenzie and I hung out. I fell asleep for only 10 minutes to wake up to this by the couch...

The family dinner at the Fosters was very fun, Grandpa Foster was there and he held Aspen almost a solid hour. She likes her Great Grandpa a lot.

We were all very relaxed

Josh... not so relaxed 

Thank you to Sara for serenading us with your lovely singing ;)

See you next Sunday!!

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  1. I love your blog! Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy the pictures!