Sunday, February 23, 2014

Aspen's Baby Blessing

Happy Blessing Day Aspen Marie!

It was sort of last minute, but since my parents happened to be in town, I decided to have Aspen receive her baby blessing; a simple blessing of guidance and love, and to give her a name.

 The blessing was beautiful, Aspen has a strong spirit about her, she is so eager to love and give you all her attention. She looked very intently at Josh during the blessing, I'm sure she was confused why her dad was closing his eyes.

Baby Blessings are not essential to have in the Mormon faith, but they are still very special, nonetheless. So I was sure to make her clothes special as well. Her dress was made by my mom and worn by my sister, Stephanie, for her baby blessing. The pink silk blanket was hand quilted by my great grandmother, and my very dear friend, Emily, made the baby booties after being taught how by my mom's mother. Many women put in a lot of work to give this baby girl a special outfit and blanket for her special day. I'm grateful she has strong and faithful women on both sides of her family to look to as an example. 

We even managed to get a family picture before church. 

Then the dinner party began (once Grant woke up). We had a lot of fun and laughed all evening, it's amazing the similarities between our families, both so quarky and not afraid to show it!

Consider us the happy parents of three cute kids!


  1. Wow! You look just like your mom! What a great history behind her clothes. Wish we lived closer again.

  2. I LOVE the last picture and description of it!!! :o) You are both very blessed with very beautiful and wonderful children!!! What a sweet family Aspen has joined and I would have to agree, "what a great history behind her clothes!"