Wednesday, March 19, 2014

February happenings

Just when we thought spring was on it's way, we were buried in snow! Kenzie know's to play a little and then run inside to get warm, but Grant will play on and on until I have to drag him inside because his cheeks are purple. He can't get enough!

McKenzie loved me writing her name in the snow, she even came over to dot the 'i' for me with her frozen hand. (it's hard to read after the Grant man walked all over it)

Grant was oblivious, but did recognize I was doing something for him :)

Ms. Aspen's eyes are slowly changing color, they are turning a greyish brown in the middle. I'm hoping they go grey or blue!

She has such a delicately framed face...

 ...especially when she's teething

Does the man of your dreams turn into a horse? I hope so :)  ...yah!

It's been so long since I've been swimming! I loved watching Grant bob in the water and helping Kenzie find her friend the whole time. She is slowing getting over her fear of the water we so kindly distilled in her.

Aspen got her first taste (literally) of chlorinated water, she seemed to really enjoy it!



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