Sunday, October 9, 2011

New life in Atlanta!

We did it! We moved 1,888 miles across the country!
Josh and I still look at each other, "Can you believe we're in GA?", "No, can you?"
It's been quite the change but so far great! Our apartment is in a great part of Sandy Springs. I feel like we live in a tree house because we're on the 3rd floor and we can't see anything but trees out our windows.
It's starting to feel like home and it's good.

When we first moved in it was hot and humid, yet comfortable compared to the Midwest heat wave. We went swimming a lot and waited for my generous Father to bring our stuff over from Utah. My sister Stephanie created a layover here on her way home from Study Abroad in Australia and the surrounding islands. So between Stephanie, my parents, Josh, and some friends from Utah who happened to be in our ward, we moved all the many, many boxes up to the tree house. Man was it hot!

My parents never had a chance to knight Josh as a BYU Graduate. My mom had found this hat and she wanted him to be declared a Chemistry wizard as he began his PhD.
...Oh my goofy, wonderful family!

We will be forever grateful to my parents for moving our stuff out here! And for everyone who helped us unload and to my Mom and Stephanie for getting me (mainly my food storage) unloaded and settled before they had to go.

Amazingly, all of our stuff fit into our apartment, even all the food storage! It's been fun to unpack and decorate and especially to ORGANIZE!! Yay!

My Mom is the bomb!!


  1. I love your Living Room! I'm very very jealous of your couch!!!! I'm glad to hear that you are settled for the most part! It is always fun to organize, isn't it?!!!!

  2. You have a rug on your floor!!! Josh let you? P.S. I love what I've gotten to see of your apartment. It looks like a nice upgrade :)