Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Coming up with costume ideas is my favorite part of Halloween! That and having parties! Our ward put on an amazing Halloween activity and you could tell everyone was having lots of fun. I really enjoy trunk or treating! They also had activities going on during the dinner. Josh was in charge of one and he made a yard ladder out of pvc pipe and had the kids toss the balls to get a prize. The kids loved it and Josh had a blast conducting it.
After much brainstorming a trip to a thrift store, and some paint, Josh, Kenzie, and I had awesome costumes! It was a hit!

I'm sure you figured it out, Josh is Sully, I'm Mike, and Kenzie is Boo.
(And when I say I'm Mike, I really mean the Boy is dressed up as Mike :)
It was such a perfect combo, we had to go with this theme. Especially since Monsters Inc. is the only animated movie that doesn't make her scared.

My Mom was so nice to send Kenzie some costumes for Halloween! One was a butterfly outfit with wings! So Kenzie was Boo for the activities and dinner and then we threw the dress and wings on her for the trunk or treat.

She liked them earlier in the week, but alas the wings came off.
This was Kenzie's way of getting the wings off.

Kenzie got the hang of trick or treating, Josh taught it to her about 30 seconds into it and she caught on really fast. Anything for candy, right!

One of the trunks had an actual photo booth there so we got our pictures taken and printed out right there, awesome!

Pictures of Princess Kenzie from earlier this week :)


  1. Love the Theme!!!! What a Great Idea!!! We enjoyed a Barn Dance Howl for the first time ever!!! They Bybee's hosted it out at their Farm and it was a Huge Success! There wasn't any dressing up, but it was so much fun to have a Barn Dance!!! I didn't get any pictures, but discovered that my second son sure knows how to move to music!!! He would not stop dancing!!! i love your little Princess!!! She reminds me so much of you!!!

  2. Ok I have to tell you I love the costume ideas!!!! I have been telling everyone I know about it :) Glad you guys had such a great time! Miss and love you all!