Sunday, October 16, 2011

It Must Be the Southern Air

Maybe we're entranced by this warm southern weather, or maybe we're closer to ocean level, but it seems like we're out and about quite a bit. Between going to the playground and building blocks, we've been looking all over for ways to have fun as a family in our new home!

Let's just say, we go to the park a LOT! McKenzie LoVeS the sand!

We got new blocks! to bury Kenzie with and so Josh can practice his mad balancing skills.

We went to the Mall of Georgia and dressed Josh up like Mr. Darci, played in the playground, and tried to get Kenzie on the merry-go-round but to no avail.

My husband is a stud!

Kenzie has really grown up since we've been here. She can unwrap a banana and eat the whole thing, she can open doors (yike!) and climb the stairs to our house by herself.
But the neatest trick is naming letters in the alphabet and animals. I amazingly caught this video of her getting excited about the new letters I had just put up. (She didn't know I was videoing)


  1. I love this post (and the other one)! I can't believe how grown up she is. It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun. :)

  2. Those really are mad balancing skills!!! Way to go Josh! I love to hear Kenzie talking! She is sure getting big! When your little one comes, you won't believe how (over night) Kenzie will seem so Big and Grown up! Good luck with the last little bit of the pregnancy!!! Love ya tons!!!

  3. Christie!

    Cute blog! I gave you the Liebster Blog Award...check yourself out here!