Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Foster Adventures

It was so good to be with the Foster family in Missouri again. Needless to say Kenzie was fawned over all the time and always had someone to play with her. Everyone got a turn making her laugh. We even saw Chelsea come into the room, look around, then wisk Kenzie off to her room to have her all to herself! They got to be very good friends. Jacob remained the favorite for the first couple weeks, then Kenzie would go to everyone and really loved it.

Kenzie learned to cook from Grandma!

In case you're wondering, we're at a Truck Pull...Big beefed up trucks pull a loaded down trailer as far as they can :)

The only real adjustment was the heat, it was blazing hot and the AC was out! But we downed popsicles and stayed in the bedrooms where we had a small AC unit in the windows. We were only without AC for about 10 days total since Roark, Kevin, and Josh were able to 'hot wire' the AC to work while we waited for the AC guys to come a couple weeks later to fix it for good.

Kenzie did really well with the heat, she drank lots of water and her word for popsicle is 'Jacob-dada'. And it remains the same today!
She loved finding pair of shoes around the house to try out, not to mention sunglasses...she's definitely my daughter!

She's getting into Emily's hand-me-downs a little early :)


We celebrated Grandpa's Birthday at Kenton and Julie's house. It was neat since He had all his children there! He was so nice to share his blue frosting - Kenzie got a kiss from Grandpa! She wanted to bad to eat a blue flower off the cake!
I was very impressed with Uncle Kenton's ice cream, it was amazing!
We enjoyed talking and laughing together, it was good fun.

Grandpa gave all the younger grandkids a blue kiss on the cheek!

And Kenzie too!


Josh and I went on a Kenzie-less vacation for the first time. Josh has always wanted to take me to Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO. It's like Lagoon but for Red Necks! It was super fun, I'm so glad we went!
Yes, that's a sock filtering the water :) Tasty!

They had a whole room full of purses! It was awesome!

It was weird to not have Kenzie with us, we missed her but we had so much more time to talk about things other than Kenzie (even though we still talked about her quite a bit).


Terrifying memories from my childhood came back to me when we took an afternoon to visit the creek and go fishing. It was a lot of fun to sit in the cold water and watch everyone swim. However, no one bothered to tell me the creek had crawdads in it! I'm sitting in the water on the shore taking pictures when suddenly a huge crawdad comes to sit by me! I screamed! and Josh came to shoo it away (I talked him out of catching it and eating it). Kenzie sat on my lap after that.


It was so awesome Josh got to spend his birthday with his family! It was really great, especially to get in cahoots with Jamie and plan a surprise cake for him. Luckily Sara was there to help with the hard mixing part, my hips thanked her. When it was done baking, I thought I had ruined it or done something wrong because it didn't look right. So I bring out the Chocolate Cheesecake to Josh, hoping it at least tastes good and he said it was the best cheesecake he'd ever had! Woot!
Doesn't he look so serene!


The Sunday before we left, we celebrated Sara's birthday (July is a birthday month for the Fosters). I couldn't believe it, 17! She had a good birthday and I was glad we could celebrate it with her.


  1. Looks like you had a BLAST!!! Sure hope all is going well! I wish we were closer, so that we could go and have fun together! Call me soon and lets chat!

  2. Oh, by the way, I love the picture of you in the room full of purses! Did you get a new one? I still don't like purses, but I still have the one that you gave me for my birthday! I guess it comes in handy once in a while! I'm also very jealous of the chocolate cheesecake, but Erica had some for her wedding this last weekend that I got to enjoy! Erica says to tell you hi! She is so excited that you are having a boy and that your little girl looks just like you!