Sunday, August 28, 2011

On to Missouri!

After spending the holiday all together, my family had to go their separate ways. Josh, Jacob, Kenzie, and I drove towards Bear Lake to see a mission couple from Josh's mission. We call them Grandma and Grandpa Sorenson. They are wonderful people and let us stay at their ranch for the night.

We got to jump on the trampoline, swing, and Jacob had his first four wheeler drive.

Grandpa Sorenson taught Jacob how to drive it, then Jacob taught Josh how to drive it.

And of course, Josh taught Kenzie (driving toddlers run in my family...yikes!).

It was wonderful to spend one more night in cool Idaho.

Our next stop was Colorado where we stayed with Chrissy and Nick. It was SO good to see them and I was so glad we finally met Brinton! What a sweet boy! I loved seeing Kenzie and Brinton play together, it seemed like pre-cousins camp. Chrissy let us have the cute pink cup Kenzie's holding, she still loves it.

We happened to pull onto this road for a quick car seat break. I firmly believe that the state of Nebraska supports the Cougars, 'Y' else would there be a sign like this?

After two long days of driving, we finally pulled into the Foster's home. We were so done being in the car!

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