Saturday, August 20, 2011

On To Idaho!

This is MacKenzie and McKenzie!!
MacKenzie is my adorable cousin! I love hoping McKenzie will grow up to be as sweet as her!

Last cool evening at the duplex; I loved having lots of friends and family over and watching Kenzie play with her cousins.

While Kenzie spent the last couple days with Kristen and Henry (which she loved doing!! and I loved Kristen for watching her!!), she found time to give Henry a proper knighting ceremony with her mop.

It was sad to drive away from our first and only home of three years. It was even harder to watch our friends' houses become smaller in the rear view mirror. But I didn't cry, too much. Josh and I were off! Cruising out of Utah with Josh's brother Jacob, and Stephanie, taking a last look at familiar territory.
McKenzie kept herslelf busy...

* * * ************ * * * ************* * * *

We made it to Soda Springs and my sweet Grandmother let the whole Bagley family stay at her beautiful house. The Fourth of July was celebrated Saturday in Soda.
Kenzie loved the parade, don't you think? And everyone in the parade loved Kenzie! She was thrown so much taffy and otter pops, "Oh! She's so cute!" -incoming candy-, we had enough to go around a few times. Joshua loved it most because he had Kenzie give him all the candy, "It's yucky" he said. :) And yes, she still ate some and wrapper too.

I thought we looked very festive and patriotic in our flag chairs, especially Kenzie in her dress I bought on sale last year (score!). Thanks to Melanie, she had pig tails for the first time ever! Isn't she cute!

The carnival was fun, we got our usual tiger blood snow cones and walked around catching up with old friends. (This is an unofficial 'Soda people' reunion)
I got to watch everyone else play volleyball in the sand, they looked like they had a lot of fun!

According to the 'plan', everyone was supposed to be home by 3pm. I like being on time so after we saw the cemetery and geyser, we started for home but Josh 'missed the turn' and drove all the way to the reservoir just to see it. Weird.
That was shortly explained when I got the surprise party of my life! My family was home setting up a baby shower for me! They are so nice! Luckily we knew it was a boy! Melanie made a diaper cake (that I still have all put together in my closet)with diapers that she and Desiree bought. A few really good friends came over which was so nice. So now, thanks to my awesome family and friends, our boy is fully outfitted!

This shirt will be very suitable come Christmas, "All Mommy wants is a Silent Night"

Super Mom Melanie!

I loved seeing Cassanda, my second cousin!

Kenzie and my best friend Desiree's youngest son, Jeremiah, playing. The Mommy legs are in the background.

Kenzie was a tad jealous. She knew these presents weren't for her.

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  1. Oh I love seeing all the pictures of you guys! We miss and love you guys!!!Please post lots and lots of pictures!