Friday, April 30, 2010

McKenzie's Latest Tricks

I thought since we've been able to catch so many of her new talents on camera, I should make a post out of it. She craves attention and is figuring out life at what seems like an accelerated rate.Joshua and I believe she is the oldest 3 month old ever and is no longer a baby but now a little girl!

Of course, the best and cutest trick lately is this tongue smile she gives us! Her personality is coming out more and more, especially this last week. :)

This is probably Joshua's favorite trick, he can prop her up and she will stay there and just drool and smile at him. He's really good at getting a genuine smile out of her. :)

Kenzie enjoys having everything and anything in her mouth, she just can't grab or maneuver as well as she would like. But she found a way to hold on to one toy in order to keep the teether in place.

This girl loves to use her muscles! I let her stand there and then realized I didn't have to hang on to her, she's now obsessed with standing on the couch! :) She will wine if we take her away too soon.

The friendship displayed from the previous picture with "Z" on facebook is looking unstable. We're thinking McKenzie is going to be a carnivore for sure! And prefers the endangered meat. :)

I put McKenzie on the couch with her binkie in her mouth, left the room for about 10 seconds, and came back to find her confused as to where her binkie went!

So there's a few of the new things Kenzie can do! Joshua is working on posting the awesome laughing video so that will probably be up this weekend. :)


  1. I was able to hear the laughing video that was posted on facebook! It was great to see and hear how much fun your family is having! Wish we could be there to share in these special moments!

  2. She is such a cutie! Enjoy these times, it goes by soooo fast.

  3. Oh my goodness, she is such a little doll!!!! I want to meet little Miss Kenzie sooo bad! We miss you guys down here in AZ :)