Tuesday, May 11, 2010

FoOd StOrAgE

So! We've recently decided it's that time of year again to beef up the food storage! Becoming prepared for the future is so exhilarating and relieving at the same time! I love it! I'm really glad we're doing this especially when we have a dependent, she does eat quite a bit already :) I'm going to take before and after pictures because I think that's fun. But the food we get won't all fit back in our little cubby hole, we'll have to get creative as to where we store it all. Hopefully we'll own more mass in food than possessions by the time we move! For those that have been observing me, I've been in the nesting stage since I got over morning sickness - and still am! Woo! Anyway, I hope I can encourage you as I post more about this later; because the Prophets aren't going to bother reminding us anymore as my sister Katie periodically reminds us. (don't you love the floating empty water jug!)

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