Saturday, July 17, 2010

Updates! Foster's arrival and a new cousin!!

Long time no type! I haven't been very active with my blog for a while; life has been very busy with family the last couple months. Joshua's family came out to Utah to see Kristen and Mackay's new baby boy Henry, and stay until both McKenzie and Henry were blessed at the end of June. We have had so much fun!!

Three days and 2,000 miles later...They're here!!! The Foster Family made it to Utah!!

We're so glad they were able to come out and stay long enough to go do stuff together! Kenzie loved having so many people around! She really loved when Emily and Chelsea would come and talk to and make faces at her, it was great to watch her light up to people, especially family. :)

Kenzie's first dip in the pool! Josh took Kenzie out into the water and showed her how to splash. She caught on pretty fast and was promptly soaked from smacking the water repeatedly.
We went with Erin, Brian, and their son Calvin and their cool friends. I'm excited for when Kenzie learns how to crawl and then swim. I plan to start teaching her when she's about 6 months, which is soon!

McKenzie has a cousin!!!

Kristen and Mackay are very proud parents of this little ball of joy! Henry Mackay was born May 26th... He is so awesome!! Not to mention he made me an aunt and Joshua an uncle! :) Here are pictures of the cute cousins and with family.

What's really neat is McKenzie's reaction to Henry, it's as if they were already buds just catching up. We put Henry up to Kenzie and she squealed and laughed and then reached out to grab his arm and hand. It was really really cute. :)

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