Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kenzie's Blessing Day

McKeznie received her baby blessing back in June! She was blessed the same day as her cousin Henry and her second cousin Ryan, how convenient for our families right! Fortunately, everyone's church schedule didn't overlap sacrament meetings so we were all able to attend the others. I thought it was really special to see these beautiful babies receive such rich blessings so early in life. Needless to say I was nervous for McKenzie's blessing because I really didn't want her to cry during it, but she didn't, phew!! She had a big circle of priesthood surrounding her as Josh gave a very touching blessing. Since she could sit up pretty well, Josh just held her in a sitting position. My dad said she sat very still and looked around at them during the blessing. I would put up more pictures of that day but I had my sisters take pictures with their cameras, so when I get those, I will post them as well.
After all the blessings, whoever was able to came back to our house for dinner. My mother-in-law, Jamie did a lot of work preparing the food. It was quite the party with multiple relative from every direction, geologically and genealogically!
Since all of my immediate family was there, we took a nice family picture. It was actually a good experience too! We weren't stressed about what to wear or where to pose, it was just 'click', 'click', done!! Josh's Aunt Darissa was very nice to take them for us with her nice camera.

Here's the nice, collected family picture.

And then, of course, my family in their natural state.

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