Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The First Post !!

I thought I would never blog, but I've realized how much I want to share my family happenings with everyone, especially now that we have a cute bundle of joy! Plus, it's almost like writing in my journal, and this way, it will never get lost unless the internet is destroyed.
To play catch up a bit, Joshua and I have been adjusting to life as parents and it's been a rewarding challenge. We've been taking it one step at a time and thankfully, it's been really convenient because I don't have to work and can stay home with Kenzie. We've really enjoyed her, she makes missing lots of sleep worth it.
--Joshua is excited to wrap up this semester and start his new spring classes. He just finished his class to become an EMT. Now he just has to take the test and he will be able to help save lives! Woo hoo! He's learning sign language and signs all the time, literally :) He loves it! He's getting really good at it and he's teaching me as he goes. Our poor kids will have to endure secret code signs between their parents as we talk about them! Muah ah ah! Josh has been an amazing husband! He has taken such good care of me, especially right before and after Kenzie was born. He even took a lighter load this semester so he could be home more which has meant a whole lot to me and has made a huge difference.
--I've been avoiding becoming bored by spicing up the house with new picture arrangements, bedspreads, cleaning out and organizing everything in sight! Because I'll admit I belong to organizational-freaks anonymous. I've been taking the Kenzinator on walks and doing yoga and trying very hard to remember to eat during the day. :) Don't worry, I've been getting a lot better :) I've also started another blog that deals more with practicing the healthy habits while raising a family. I see all these women who I know are super busy, yet they're strong, fit, and eat very well despite their many kids and/or busy schedules. So that blog is at realhealthforever.blogspot.com if you'd like to check it out. I haven't posted just yet, I'm still working on it but I'm really excited because someday I could turn those postings into a book! Anyways, I'm doing really well and am excited about life!
--McKenzie is so cute! She's always looking around and studying her world. It's really easy to get her to smile and giggle. She's getting a lot stronger and 'talks' a lot. She LOVES her mirror we have on her play gym. She's becoming more animated and has found her hands! She can also lift her head off the ground and push off her arms. :) We think she might be teething because she's been crying in her sleep, drooling non stop, and trying to suck on anything she can. But she's a trooper! And a very chillax baby.

So that is our very condensed update on our family, and I'll post pictures when I figure out how to do that. :)

McKenzie's Born!!!

Our first new family picture :)

Kenzie's buddy :)

Kenzie and Grandma Foster

Daddy and his beautiful daughter

Most Recent

the famous rocky pose!!

So So Cute!! I can't believe shes 3 months old now!!


  1. Hey Christie! So glad that you are blogging now! I love the pics! I wish that I could be there to do all of the fun things with you and your babe! Love you! Des

  2. I like your blog! Much better than that other josh and christie one. ;)