Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pure Joy!

You know those moments when the world literally melts away and all your focus settles on those important people in your life. Last Thursday, Mom and Katie were over at my house and as they were leaving, they were saying goodbye to McKenzie and they got her to laugh! Not just make noise but really laugh! It was a true giggle! It was at that moment when my heart leaped for joy. Kenzie will smile for Mom and Katie and talk to them like she does for Josh and I. It must be the dark hair and big smiles :) That and our voices are basically the same. In this picture, I think she emulates the Foster side of the family with her carefree smile and relaxed demeanor. She's looking more like a Foster all the time. :) It's so amazing that I get to watch this little girl grow up and feel her vibrant spirit in my home. She has a very strong personality already.
She's already so strong! Her neck can hold up her rather large head really well. She gets tummy time after almost every feeding to help the burps come up and it's really paid off! I happened to be taking pictures of Kenzie and then she surprised me with a leap of development! (Sorry no sound again, I would blast your ears anyway because I'm cheering at the top of my lungs and then enthusiastically congratulating her.)

Can you believe it?! I couldn't! I half expected her to push up to her knees and then stand up, walk over, and hug me! She's looking so grown up! When Joshua came home, I didn't show him the video, I just put Kenzie on her tummy and she did it again! Josh's jaw dropped, he was really surprised. He kept saying, "Oh wow?!". We have another video of her laughing hysterically for Josh, and this one has sound! I'll have to post it later when we upload all the video from the actual video camera :)

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