Thursday, October 7, 2010

Josh and Chistie's Baby Pictures

I wanted to show how cute Joshua and I were when we were babies and then see how similar McKenzie looks to us. These two right underneath are Joshua and I at about 3 months. It is so special because if you merged these pictures so I was on the right of Joshua it's as if we are holding hands!!!
This is Joshua, isn't he adorable!!

This is me, and no it's not fake hair :)

And then McKenzie! Her 3 month pictures... :)(someday I will scan in her studio ones, but until then, this post can't wait :)

Now for the 9 month pictures! Again, there seemed to be a trend in baby pictures back in the day because Joshua and I are both sitting on a chair and holding on with one hand! Is that crazy or what!

I'm tempted to do the same with Kenzie and take her picture on a chair. But for now, my sister Stephanie took this and other pictures up at my Grandma Bagley's house in Soda Springs. Then my other sister, Katie, edited it to make it more clear and bring out Keznie's eyes. I love this picture! I love how Kenzie can light up in a moment, just like Joshua.

And here is another one from early this month, I think she looks more like the age Josh and I are in our pictures.

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