Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Family at the Ranch

Grandma Bagley is my hero! I admire her so much for the way she treats others and for her ambitious character. I loved coming to her house when I was a kid. There are some things I hang on to from my childhood, and Grandma's ranch is a big part of it. So having pictures of my husband and daughter around the ranch are priceless. Thank you Sara for taking such great pictures while I was sleeping! This picture in particular tugs at my heart because I remember climbing that tree in the background, which we all called the Willow, and talking with my cousins about being a mom and what we would do with our lives. We have our names etched in there and I couldn't count the hours we spent playing in that old tree. I love thinking that I brought another generation to this wonderful place where they could see and experience the things I did that I believe helped shape my character for the better.

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