Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Graduation Vacation

I love flying, but with a toddler and baby, it made it a little more challenging than just catching a flight! We had a great time! But it was a little more work than I anticipated on the flight. There was plenty of family to help out while on land though. It was great to see family and watch the sister graduate. She is so smart! Josh wasn't coming, according to Stephanie, but everyone else knew he was! I got some of it on video (to share later) I knew there would be tears, it's been a long time since we've all been together.
We borrowed a house and had our 4-day long party! This was my room! wow. It was so light and airy, lots of good decoration inspiration has come from staying there.
And this would be the perfect room for Kenzie, I'm going to recreate those curtains someday! So pretty!
Kenzie discovered foosball, completely blew her mind and she laughed the entire time. Henry was so helpful in putting the balls through the hole and watched for them to come back out.
Grant man had his first Easter egg hunt! (A common Bagley practice, occuring anytime between March and May when the family is all together)
But I think he liked being held by uncle Matt more...
Kenzie enjoyed the hunt, although she was too busy helping Riley pick up her treats and opening Riley's eggs to find her own.
Didn't see it coming, but Kenz managed to get the bottom half on an easter egg stuck in her mouth, smooth side in. Luckily Grandpa noticed and got it out! (These must have been the beginning stages of that)
Josh really enjoyed the egg hunt too, he dreamed and woke just in time to grab and bag and run!
Did you notice the sword and shield behind Josh? Dad came up with a cute! little skit for Stephanie, she was the main character. She played Princess Stephanie, locked away in her 'ivory tower', waiting for prince charming to rescue her. Her fairy godmother was helping guide her to the right choice between Masters and Job. There were many distractions from doing her Masters degree like money (Josh), fun (Katie's friend), and dating (Daniel). Though in the end, Sir Graduation came with his sword and shield and saved her from the ivory tower! It was very creative and very fun, Stephanie played along really well for having learned of it 10 minutes before. What a good sport! Katie did all the shirts and props, she's amazing at art and creativeness!
Sorry honey, money never wins... :) It was a great family reunion/Graduation party. It came to a close for most of the family Sunday night. We put on our shirts that we decorated (each member drawing a picture on another's that reminded them of that person) and took a fun family picture (now going on my wall). It was just nice to be in Utah again. My trip doesn't end there! I'm still working on Utah trip part 2

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