Thursday, December 30, 2010


I hope everyone had a jolly Merry Christmas!
We had a good time watching Kenzie opening her presents. She only hesitated for a split second and was soon oooing and oohhing in a high pitched voice while Josh helped her open her presents. Here are some videos we took in hopes to share the cute moments.

Later we went to my parents' house. We had breakfast and then opened more presents. Grandpa got McKenzie an animal pillow that Kenzie absolutely adores! She is always rolling around on the sheepskin rug at their house so I guess my Dad thought to give her something similar to take home with her. She really likes it!

I couldn't get Kenzie to go down in the playpen that night so I gave her to Grandpa for him to try. I came down later and found Kenzie fast asleep on her pillow in front of the Christmas tree! It was a priceless moment! I always loved sleeping by the Christmas tree on Christmas night as a kid and now Kenzie was able to do that on her first Christmas!!

With the presents we received, Josh and I are now able to shovel snow, launch snowballs, work out at the gym and have socks for our feet. :) Kenzie is decked out for the snow with a snowsuit, sled, boots, hat, and gloves, for being dry after a bath, sitting by the fire, dressing up as Santa, and playing with awesome musical toys! Needless to say, my family had a great time shopping for Kenzie.

Oh, and if you see any pictures on facebook of a grown woman in a pink sleeper tagged as Christie Foster, that's so not me...
Sorry but we can't get the video to work right now. We will post them soon!

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  1. Thanks!! I really enjoyed guessing at what your gifts were! It sounds like you guys are really enjoying life! I can't believe that in a few more weeks your little precious doll will be a year old! WOW!!!